We Never Know

 I asked an old man to prepare a love potion

To attract my great lover the most beautiful


He told me go to the volcano and climb it during the night

Throw some flowers in the lava to awake it from its sleep


So I did before dawn bringing heavy flowers with me

After struggling to reach your brim I almost fell down


But i left all the flowers there burdened it to burn down

But the volcano didn’t wake for god’s sake


I came back and said to him it didn’t work the whim

Then he told me flat love works like that


It doesn’t matter how long you have been trying to wake it from its sweet sleep

We never know

You can try pray make offers and say

we never know

You can work hard be sad blame yourself or forget

We never know

You can dance the love song, drink its potion and sing magic spells

We never know


Maybe when you leave all these things when you put away your need of it

When you say to yourself i am not looking for it

Finally love may knock on your door to say

Good morning sun is shining life is beautiful now is better

Because you feel my presence in the company of your lover


See it as open windows to my wonderful world

Enjoy all my sweetness all my pleasure all my care and my delicacy

Because one day we never know I will let you alone again

And you will need to rebuild this entire story step by step

Just to remember how sweet it was just to live me again

Right now drink me as you drink the wine

All else will be in vain!

 To Dewi

Lucas Ramalho




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