The Call of Hunger

The Call of Hunger

You know i am fat
I have all the weight of the world
I was a little girl, so flat
But that time was gone, was gone
You had 32, little girl
But now you are so bad
If you cannot back to me
You will be sad, so sad
Why do i need to eat?
If one day i will rest in peace
Eat is a matter of death
It’s sleep deep, so deep
Bleed honey, bleed!
Cos bleeding is a way to escape
From the burden of have to feed
This mind that hates be in shape
It calls me all the time
It opens the door of my body
To get more fat and fat
You know, i won’t survive
This body is not for you
This mind is not for you
But i wanna keep you free
Forever in my company
I am the hunter of the dark night
The evil on your dish
I love your kind of mind
So weak as your poor wish 
Come to me my baby
You just need to get more tight
This is my call, my beatiful song
That keeps you awake in the night

Lucas Ramalho




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