House on Fire

A Casa em Fogo House on Fire
”The Lord [Buddha] replied to the Venerable Sariputra: `In some village, city, market town, country district, province, kingdom, or capital there lived a householder, old, advanced in years, decrepit, weak in health and strength, but rich, wealthy, and well-to-do. His house was a large one, both extensive and high, and it was old, having been built a long time ago. It was inhabited by many living beings, some two, three, four, or five hundred. It had one single door only. It was thatched with straw, its terraces had fallen down, its foundations were rotten, its walls, matting-screens, and plaster were in an advanced state of decay. Suddenly a great blaze of fire broke out, and the house started burning on all sides. And that man had many young sons, five, or ten, or twenty, and he himself got out of the house.
`When that man saw his own house ablaze all around with the great mass of fire, he became afraid and trembled, his mind became agitated, and he thought to himself: “I, it is true, have been competent enough to run out of the door, and to escape from my burning house, quickly and safely, without being touched or scorched by that great mass of fire. But what about my sons, my young boys, my little sons? There, in this burning house, they play, sport, and amuse themselves with all sorts of games. They do not know that this dwelling is afire,they do not understand it, do not perceive it, pay no attention to it, and so they feel no agitation. Though threatened by this great [fire], though in such close contact with so much ill, they pay no attention to their danger, and make no efforts to get out’.”
from The Saddharmapundarika, in Buddhist Scriptures, Edward Conze, ed. (Penguin Books, 1959)
We are living in a paradoxical age. Through internet, we have all access to information, knowledge, examples, stories and at same time we are not taking advantage of it. The internet, instead of being an auxiliar tool of our reality is taking the place of it, the first life. Its huge potential is only a huge potential. Actually internet is mostly seen as a leisure tool for many people. To check other’s life on social networks, to see series and funny videos. Maybe people don’t realize how amazing it can be. From it, could emerge a new reality, brighter, richer and plentiful, but what happened was just the blunting of the mind of the viewer. They became more and more obtuse. The seeking for informations, knowledge sharing, production of relevant subjects and pratical approach is least comparing to the common use of it.
Many people don’t know how to look for something on web. They think the internet is just google and don’t know others search engines like duckduckgo. In the same way, many people just have the mainstream media as a source of information and are not aware of essential websites like,,, and many others. I am not advertising these sites, it’s just for becoming aware of it.
They are the same people that don’t challenge the established views. They don’t look for differents views about what happened in the WTC. They don’t know sites like and never heard about Dimitri Khalezov. They accept the news and don’t contest it. They don’t know how harmful can be the vaccines, even don’t know about the Ebo-Lie, the lie about the existence of Ebola, as it is given. They are eager to take the Ebola vaccine, but you can check these sources and maybe you change your mind, here and here. Vitamin C can save lifes, but they don’t know. They are just waiting for seeing the next super bowl game or the next chapter of the Serie.
Anyway, the most important is not only know these things, but know thyself, your ability to challenge the false truth, your potential to do something different at least once in your life. The problem is not the internet, but the user, in his blunted critical sense, in his dead criativity, in his harmful and boring habits. The problem is that everybody is having fun while the house is on fire.

 Lucas Ramalho


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