The Strange Albania

The World in Photopoetry: Albania

From Croacia, i went on a short trip to Montenegro. 2 days to visit Budva and Ulcinj. The former is a coast city in the Adriatic Sea which is a stopover for the cruises in Mediterranean. The city  is multicolor with an old town well preserved. There are amazing views from an old castle located very near the center. From there, i visited Stevi Stefan, located in an island connected to the coast by a small footbridge, but the security stopped me there. You need a very expensive reservation to going in. Anyway pics from there worth the trip. So i took a van to Ulcinj with a crazy driver. We had at least three real chances of an accident, but the great god of the travelers, Mercury, protected us.
After there, i arrived in Shkoder, Albania. As we reached the center, i talked to a french guy to check where he was going to, but he didn’t know. Me neither. His name was Leondard and we decided to follow together looking for a lake in the outskirts. After some questions and two hours walking, we finally stepped in the lake. It was  amazing and we were gifted with an awesome rainbow just above us. We had dinner there and found a place to sleep, an old house in construction. We put the fire on and slept on the ground.
In the morning, we came back to the city and took the bus to Tirana. Albania is a very odd country. With a strong italian influency, it’s hard to find an english speaker. Luckly Leonard had learnt the basic italian and saved us. An old lady insisted on take a picture with me with my camera and i didn’t refuse it. We were looking for a bus to Skruda, near the Macedonia border. We talked to an italian guy who lived there. He helped us with the ticket. As we had spare time till the evening, this guy took us to a supermarket. We took a crowded bus on sunday. Apparently everybody was going to the same place. After half an hour we arrived. The market had a movie and a playground area, the only one in the city. We bought some food, played chessboard and came back to take the bus. In Skruda, we arrived late and again slept on the ground, in front of a lake.
Before sunrise we followed to Ohrid, in Macedonia. Very cheap place, we decided to sleep in a proper room, with kitchen and aircon. Still in the morning, the owner offered us Arika (known as Mare’s Milk), a strong spirit very common there. We drank it and started the day in high spirits. We visited the old town and during the night we finally slept comfortably. Next day, i said good bye to Leo and went to Skopje for a short visit. Tired of rushing all those days on the road, i decided to spend a long time in the next country, Bulgaria. In the hostel, a brazilian girl told me about a US guy who was living in Sofia with her friend. I sent a message to them and they gave me a hearty welcome. It looked like I knew them long ago. I tell you next time, next page. Mitakuye Oyasin!

Lucas Ramalho

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This lady wants the pic with my camera
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Italian guy who helped us
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Mother Teresa


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Ohrid Lake




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Stevi Stefan


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Fishing in the Shkoder Lake


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Blessed Rainbow!
Leonard in the Shkoder Lake

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