The World in Photopoetry

The project “The World in Photopoetry” is a extension of my trip around the world. A year and a half on the road yielded many pictures of unknown places, unexpected situations and different experiences. Along with the pics, each place inspired me to write poetry that helped me to record moments that would otherwise be forgotten.
Connecting poetry and photography is a way of preserving each precious moment that i lived in my trip. For travelers who want to enjoy a little of my adventure and learn more about each place i spent.
For those afraid to leave home to enjoy this wonderful experience that is a world trip. Thus, they can be overwhelmed by the peace and the sense of discovery that moves me
Cheer up! Blessed are travelers and a long journey begins with a single step. There is a fantastic world just waiting to be discovered. Do not fear the dangers of the road that the greatest danger is not live.
Mister Luram Toccacelli
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